Definitely not doing these following things:

– Do not poke the blister
– Do not use any oil or cream
– Do not apply butter, fish sauce, toothpaste on the burn.
– Do not cover the burn until the temperature on the skin goes back to normal.

Step 1

Cool the skin with running water for approximately 15-20 minutes If running water is not available, soak the burn in a bucket of water. If there isn’t much water, wet two clean towel, and alternatively apply them on the skin
In case water is not available, but there is ice, cover the ice in a towel and place above the burns, about a few cm away from the burns. Do not apply ice directly on ice.
In case the skin is coming off, after the treatment with water, take the victim to the hospital quickly.

Step 2


Cover the burns with nylon to avoid dust, insect that can cause infection. Do not use cloth to cover the burns.

Step 3


If the victim is in too much pain, slightly apply ice to relieve the pain.

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