Mantras are used to promote emotional well-being and a positive attitude.

They can be used on their own or they can accompany yoga, meditation, or the relaxation response. They are used by repeating them aloud or in your mind anytime. Some people like the start their day with them, or just repeat them throughout the day.

5 tips for making personal mantras

  • Take time to pinpoint stressors
  • Make it true
  • Make it brief
  • Absorb the Words
  • Be flexible

    Mantras for Emotional Well-Being

    • “My feelings are valid.”
    • “One thing at a time.”
    • “I give myself permission to rest.”
    • “I am intentional with my day.”
    • “I am proud of myself and what I have accomplished.”

    The links below provide mantras specialized for emotional well-being:


    Mantras for Anxiety

    • “I am loved and supported.”
    • “Anxiety does not define who I am.”
    • “I surrender to the present.”
    • “This too shall pass.”
    • “I am calm, I am present.”
    • “I am enough.”

     The links below provide mantras specialized for anxiety.


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