First Aid SSVN v3.0

The first free and most popular Emergency First Aid application in Vietnamese, has helped users commence proper first aid in situations of accidents, injuries and health incidents.

This application does not replace learning and practicing first aid periodically according to International regulations.


Emergency lookup

Quickly look up instructions for handling common accidents and health incidents.

Emergency support

Instructions for calling an ambulance and useful feature such as chest compression rhythm and stroke treatment hospital map.

Learn First Aid

Take practical first aid classes or access the online lessons.

First aid equipment

Purchase first aid kit to ensure the highest survival chance and download publications for the preaching work.

The beginning

In Vietnam, first aid awareness is still very low compared to developed countries. Therefore, when an accident or health incident occurs, the victim rarely receives proper and timely first-aid from those around him, so the rate of injury becoming more severe or death before accessing medical support is very high. Meanwhile, information searched on the internet is often inaccurate, outdated, or reserved for medical professionals, making it difficult for people to access this knowledge.

In 2017, the first application named First Aid SSVN was born with the goal of helping Vietnamese people help each other in accidents more quickly and accurately.

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