Automated External Defibrillator (AED)


If the victim is unresponsive, has stopped breathing, or is breathing abnormally, immediately call 115, perform CPR and send someone to get an AED.

Note: CPR must be maintained continuously while using the AED, only stopping CPR during certain stages of AED charging, heart rhythm analysis, and shock.

When the AED is brought in, turn it on and open the cover.

Take the electrodes out of the bag and place them on the victim’s chest. Remove the protective paper from the underside of the electrode plate.

Make sure no one touches the victim while the AED is analyzing the heart rhythm.

If the AED specifies a shock button, press the shock button.

If the AED does not indicate shock, continue CPR if the victim has no signs of life and is not breathing on their own. The AED will analyze the heart rhythm again after 2 minutes and indicate shock or continuation of CPR.

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